Private Class

A private yoga class allows for personalized and individualized attention and may take two different forms:

  • A focus on asanas or poses to facilitate understanding of the poses and coaching to develop your personal practice.

  • A focus on the healing breathing practice of Ujjayi Pranayama which helps to quiet the body, mind and emotions, and stimulates the immune system. Ujjayi Pranayama can, also, be effective for asthma, allergies, high blood pressure.

Embodyment Yoga Therapy

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy is a “hands on” yoga healing modality based on the principles of Svaroopa® Yoga. Releasing core tension in the body and mind, Embodyment promotes the natural healing ability of the body. The benefit from an embodyment session is a deeper experience and equivalent to 6 classes.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased flexability
  • Ease of Movement
  • Reduced or abatement of pain
  • Increased mental clarity