Svaroopa® Yoga

Svaroopa® Yoga is a unique approach to healing and transformation.

The practice creates a core opening by releasing the tension in the deepest layers of your body. Dissolving these tensions allow you to live with ease, both within your body and deeper Self.

The poses are relatively simple and effective. The sequence of poses begins with releasing the muscles connected to the tailbone where the deepest tension is held and progresses through each area of the spine. The body is supported by blankets or props and careful adjustments deepen the release.

As the spine opens the effects radiate throughout your body and mind. With less tension your body moves towards it s natural balance, your mind becomes clearer, calmer and more aware.

As Swami Nirmalananda (formerly Rama Berch) the originator of Svaroopa® Yoga describes: “Each time you open your spine, you also open yourself to your own core essence, which is the reason that Svaroopa® yoga works so well. Not only do you get the health-giving physical benefits, but consciousness heals you, transforms you, and illuminates you from the inside out.”